Online Sessions.

Over the years, besides playing live, I have developed an interest in recording music. I have been lucky enough to record albums in Wisseloord Studio’s (NL), E-sound Studios (NL), Rockstar Recordings (BE), Reanimator Studio (BE), Bunt Studio (NL), and Studio Het Pand (NL).

Regarding the fact that nowadays both the music industry and the studio scene are subject to a lot of changes, I’m not working in studios on a daily basis. It’s not because since the introduction of MIDI and plug-ins, there’s no need for live drums anymore, but budgets are different and also spent in different ways. More often it seems more efficient to have your own studio facility and provide a complete recording through the internet. 

In order to make a nice recording, a couple of things are needed: a good sounding instrument, a good sounding room and good microphones and pre-amps. I’ve been working for years on my instrument to make it sound better. Not only to search for the ultimate sound, but also to have a personal quality in the sounds I deliver. 

A good sounding room is hard to find. That’s why I teamed up with the recording studio called Okapi Recordings. The room of Okapi sounds great and very natural. De mics and pre-amps are high-end and versatile. The engineer I work with is Jan Pohl, also a drummer himself and an expert in the field of sound.

This approach allows me to deliver the quality that I stand for. The costs may be slightly higher than with drummers who do everything themselves, but I think quality is more important. This quality will undoubtedly be audible in the end result.

The first album that I recorded in Okapi in collaboration with Jan will be released here soon.

For more information and prices, please contact us!