Online sessions.

Over the years, besides playing live, I have developed an interest in recording music. I was lucky enough to record albums in Wisseloord Studios (NL), E-sound Studios (BE), Rockstar Recordings (BE), Bunt Studio (NL) and Studio Het Pand (NL). Regarding the fact that nowadays both the music industry and the studio scene are subject to a lot of changes, I’m not working in studios on a daily basis. It’s not because, after the introduction of MIDI and plug-ins, there’s no need for live drums anymore but budgets are different and also spent in different ways. More often it seems more efficient to have your own studio facility and provide a complete recording through the internet. 

In order to make a nice recording, a couple of things are needed: a good sounding instrument, a good sounding room and good microphones and pre-amps. I’ve been working for years on my instrument to make it sound better. Not only to search for the ultimate sound, but also to have a personal quality in the sounds I deliver. For some time now I have access to a good sounding room, close to my house. And last but not least, in the last couple of years i invested a lot in nice microphones en pre-amps.

(have a look at the gearlist).

Below there’s a playlist on Spotify with songs I recorded and delivered the drums for through an online session:

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