Phil Bee

Blue Eyed Soul | over 30 Years on Stage

Phil Bee vocalist, more then 30 years on stage. Considered one of the best vocalists in Europe in his genre. Now touring with his own band and also with the Erwin Java Band, Johan Derksen Theater Tour, acoustic duo with Guy Smeets and occasionally Jan Akkerman (My Brainbox)

‘60’s and ‘70’s style music, featuring these soul and blues drenched vocals. Original songs and own style covers will bring you back the spirit of the era when music was still raw and unpolished.

Songwriting (music and/or lyrics) has been a big part of Phil’s musical life. There is no bigger reward than to play a song before a live audience that will appreciate the effort. No bigger reward than getting feedback that one of the original compositions gave people relief and comfort in the daily routine, at a cremation or funeral, or joy at their wedding. Songs such as ‘One last Kiss’, ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘Your Love’, ‘Down the Line’, ‘Memphis Moon’, ‘200 Miles’ or ‘Take me as I am’ to name a few.